Suzana Brborović

Suzana Brborović



My artistic practice takes architecture as the main subject to recreate and rethink spaces built around us. Often very concentrated, my paintings explore the term saturation to its highest. Layering the realities of our surrounding, I want to create an outlook on the themes dealing with architecture and ideas about it, showing the past and present problems in evolving urbanism and how architecture defines our personal space. My artistic process takes me through researching of neglected, decayed and controversial buildings and what impact do they have on me and my setting.

I am interested in how a painting can reflect a disorder or a dystopic view with emphasises on bending perspectives and settling in in pre-designed grids of our everyday life. The key elements in my work are dealing with transparency and intertwinement of objects with a feeling of lightness and flotation. Geometrical and linear expressions combined with organic under-layering explore the world of rules, utopias and great ideas that present themselves today as practices needing re-evaluation and critical observance.

The portrayed buildings and objects are all part of my research on historically important development of the urbanism and architecture. Whether the topic is dealing with ideal cities, modernism, former industrial facilities or surveillance and defence architecture (such as bunkers from WW2) they all create a discomfort in thinking about them. My intention is to bring this discomfort directly to the viewer by creating paintings, which are expanding and overrunning the classical meaning of perspective and are rather employing the world as I see it: confused and concrete.

The carefully chosen colour palette for each series demonstrates the overall feeling of the works and can be intentionally disorientating to the viewer. The deconstruction and fragmentation of objects (influenced by avant-garde of 20th century) are approaches I undertake to provide a visual abundance of shapes and structures.