Suzana Brborović

Suzana Brborović




In my work, I explore the limits of saturation both in visual and contextual terms. What influences my art is the neglected, forgotten, historical and controversial architecture, which had an important role in forming and defining cities and states. My work is based on continuous research, focusing primarily on architecture, its meanings and intentions. I like to think of the architecture as a living indicator of the sucesses and failures of human kind. It is a mark in the space and time and it tells stories of the people responisble for its construction, demolition or decay. The presence of a certain architecture tell us the story of political context of the era. What I am interested in is a mixture of the historical and the modern architectural approach. Together they provide information and imagery which i use to create a new outlook on the theme. The concepts behind the works are upgraded with each series that comes next and can be seen all as one continous story about our surroundings, political descisions, enviroment and urban development. Inspired by the Russian avantgarde i explore the utopias of the past and project them as a dystopian present and future. 

Untergeschoss 14, Spinnerei Leipzig
18. 11.2017 - 13. 01. 2018